Covid-19 Information: resumption of classes

Following government guidelines due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are able to resume all dance classes. These will take place at the Harrow Arts Centre. Remote options are available, though this option is only available for the dancercise class.

We request that should you exhibit any symptoms related to Covid-19, that you refrain from attending dance classes and follow the UK governments advice and self-isolate if required.

Class and general questions

Can I pay only for one class before committing to the whole course?

No but you can come and watch a class to get a feeling for the course. You can also attend the first lesson as a taster. You would then need to pay for the whole course if you wish to attend the rest of the classes. If you are not ready to commit to a whole course, please try a private lesson or one of our event workshops.

Can I get a discount if I attend less classes?

The course fee is fixed regardless of how many classes you are able to attend. Please try not to miss more than 30% of the course, in order to follow the program.

Can I sign up by myself?

Not for the ballroom and latin group lessons. You will need a dance partner for these groups, but you can, of course, take a private lesson as an individual!

Will I dance only with the partner I have signed up with?

Most of the time during the learning process you will be dancing with your partner. In our practice parties, it is recommended that you try dancing with other partners, but it is not mandatory.

What is the dress code for the classes?

There isn’t a dress code as such, but smart-casual comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended. Shoes with rubber soles or soft shoes like trainers are not recommended. If you have dance shoes, please wear them!

Ladies – if you are wearing sandals, make sure you have a closed back sandal. So no flip-flops or backless sandals.

Can I record the class?

Recording the class is not allowed due to the privacy of other participants.

Do I need private lessons?

Private lessons are recommended for dancers of all levels who are serious about improving their dancing and want the most value for money. Group classes are a great way to start and are more than adequate for the social dancer.

Can I buy a ballroom course or lesson for a friend or relative?

Absolutely! Ballroom dance classes make lovely gifts, and you will receive a personalised gift voucher by post once you have made your purchase. Private lessons make great Christmas presents!

How long are the courses?

Group courses are typically 10 or 12 weeks long. We do have a week break during the school half term break. Each lesson is an hour long.

Where can I practice?

We have practice parties where we get dressed up and have fun! These are usually on Saturday evenings. Dates for the events are announced during the group lessons.

Wedding dance questions

How many lessons will we need for our first dance?

It depends on several things: the song you have chosen, your natural ability and how much you practice at home! Typically couples have 10 lessons, but we have had couples learn a lovely dance with less.

When should we start our wedding dance lessons?

We advise starting at least 3 months before the wedding.

How do we choose a song?

If you haven’t found a song that you both like and is suitable for dancing we can help! We have a long list of appropriate songs we can suggest. Finding one that you like shouldn’t be too difficult.

What should we wear for our lessons?

Brides should bring the shoes they intend to wear on the day. You will need to get used to dancing in them! Grooms should wear shoes that are similar to those he intends on wearing. We will discuss the outfits with you when we see you to make sure there are no restrictions in the choreography.

Contact information

If you are interested in group classes or private lessons, you can contact us on:

Mobile – 07734 058 389

Email –