Discover new dance styles!

Attend our frequent dance events and galas to learn new dance styles and techniques from our award winning dance teachers. No previous dance experience is required: just book your spot and have fun!

Our events are normally based on a specific dance style. You could learn Argentine Tango; the Viennese Waltz; Bachata and many more. We also hold galas to showcase our new dance skills!

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The Sixth Annual Dance Gala: “Roaring 20’s”

July  1st and 2nd 2023

We are proud to announce the Sixth end of year dance event. A full weekend of workshops, dance, fun, and performances. The weekend will include:

You will have the opportunity to showcase your talents on the dance floor. The floor will be yours!

On Saturday, we will be dancing the night away in our Roaring 20’s Dance PARTY

Rami Eckhaus, our international coach will be coming back for more amazing workshops on the Sunday.


Gala  – ROURING 20’S20:00 – 22:00Saturday1/1/2023
Rumba workshop19:15 – 20:15  Sunday2/7/2023
Bachata workshop  20:30 – 21:30Sunday2/7/2023

If you are interested in our events, you can contact us on:

Mobile – 07734 058 389

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